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16.10.21 07:43:23 pm
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hi again with this and a bugfix of the 1 version of my map so some bugs are fixed some bugs i'm not a ''god'' that makes awesome maps so i hope you like some bugs fixed are:
• improvement of spaces ie changes that make a difference on the map.

> bug fixed that the walls don't break since I programmed them for this

√ well you can change what you want on the map

∗ fast build script I recommend for this map

CHANGED important bugs resolved

FIXED We now have mailboxes

ADDED we have some really cool sounds that arouse curiosity alias these sounds I got from other scripts...

Well that's all forgive me for my bad English


there are no screenshots because i don't know how to do this

• this image of a koala and just because it is mandatory to do what you don't.
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You uploaded the file in multiple parts. That is forbidden. Please upload it as one single file which includes all parts.


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16.10.21 07:52:39 pm
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attention do what you want with the map just leave the credits
and that I use a translator because I'm Brazilian so I know a lot of English so I hope you understand
I don't know for cs2d images like take a print and such so if you can help me thanks
16.10.21 07:48:03 pm
like I like it!
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so i loved your map thanks for bringing it here very cool i will use it a lot
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