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30.04.22 03:52:50 pm
Which one cause less network traffic?
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30.04.22 04:33:27 pm
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I think cs2d lua hook serveraction does since its only focusing on the key pressing. Not like cs2d lua cmd addbind do.
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01.05.22 08:44:32 am
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Yes, cs2d lua hook serveraction is causing less traffic.
cs2d lua cmd addbind needs to send the created key binding to all players and, like user UrNightmare said, it sends a message when pressing AND when releasing a key. cs2d lua hook serveraction only sends a single message for a key press & release.

The additional traffic is relatively small when the keys aren't pressed often though. If you however bind keys like W, A, S, D it will probably cause a significant amount of extra traffic.
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