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English Some rules for files

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old Some rules for files

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Regularly observed incomprehensible (incomprehensible/erroneous/...) downloads in file archive, which occur due to the lack of rigid requirements.

Maybe add some rules/requirements/(fields to fill in) when uploading files to the file archive?

To the owners of files from the file archive can be sent a letter prescribing the correction of the description and content under the current version of the game.
And if necessary, moderators and authorized users could correct old downloads of other files, and make correct data, or on the contrary, mark with a vote unsuitable files to be removed from the file archive.

For example:
Typical mistakes of mapmakers:
Lack of map lore(descriptions/story)
Lack of map export image
Lack of map data (size, game modes, presence of scripts, use of additional features, map details, tileset)
Lack of at least 2 screenshots (or video review) of different places on the map.

old Re: Some rules for files

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I am available as a Reviewer if user DC gives permission . I have been active in this community for years, so I wouldn't have a problem moderating content uploaded to the File Archive, and I would even be honored to serve in such a role .

old Re: Some rules for files

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@user Pagyra: Such rules already exist. They are displayed when you upload a file. Adding more rules won't make things better because most people don't care about rules.

You probably don't know about this because you don't have declined files and are not a reviewer but you are also basically describing the review process which is already in place as well. The worst files are commonly not approved (these are still visible though) or even declined (which makes them invisible to normal users. Reviewers can tell file creators what they need to improve. Either with a custom message for by selecting one of several standard messages/decline reasons)

@user Gaios: Ok why not. You're now a reviewer.
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