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English Any news about CS2D mobile?

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old Any news about CS2D mobile?

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Two years have passed, is there any news about CS2D Mobile? I am looking forward to this game and hope it can be launched on the Google App Store. I hope to receive a reply!!!

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"I want to ask" is NOT a good title. Please choose titles which tell people what your thread is about. It's not that hard. Fixed. /DC

old Re: Any news about CS2D mobile?

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I've been busy with work and regular life stuff. While I do senior game development as full-time job, it's really difficult to find another few hours a day to work on my own projects. Yet, I still do work on my plugin projects, it also gets in the way.

Regarding the project, I am trying to spend at least an hour for the project after work.
I've been refactoring the project to solve physics issues as I want as much as interactability which gets in the way of competitive gameplay. Though frame rate got unlocked and there is no stuttering because of physics or logics anymore.
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